Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How VPS Hosting Can Benefit Your Online Business

There is really no need to tell about the importance of choosing the right web hosting service for any online business. Whether you are just planning to jump on the bandwagon by starting your own online venture or you are just about establishing an effective online presence for your existing business to let it target a wide international customer audience and join the rapidly growing e-commerce market, it is essential to be on a solid ground, or in other words, to have a powerful and reliable hosting platform at hand.

With such a large variety of web hosting services available in the field today, VPS hosting, standing for virtual private servers, still remains an extremely popular solution among various online business projects, as it presents the unique combination of dedicated server power, functionality and reliability along with simplicity and affordability of shared server accounts. In the article below I am going to point out some crucial benefits that your online business will gain while being hosted on a virtual private server.
Optimal Performance 

Due to its specific construction backed by virtualization technologies, each VPS server is able to perform just like a standalone dedicated server providing abundant resources, absolute isolation, stability, security and, therefore, ensuring top-notch, optimal performance for your mission-critical commercial website.

Every single day Internet users are getting more and more demanding. As various researches show, even the slightest issues with website performance may turn visitors away with no desire to get back to it again. While ensuring that your online venture is always up and running at its peak 24/7, VPS hosting allows you to keep thousands of your prospective customers engaged.

Enhanced Security

With VPS you don't have to worry so much about your online security as you used to do with your basic shared server account. Although you are still sharing a server with other users, their number is rather limited and specific server setup ensures that every single virtual partition is absolutely isolated from unauthorized access. You are the only one who can access your virtual server and data.

In such a way, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that both your VPS account and website are fully protected from being affected, accessed or hacked by other users on the same physical server, while the confidentiality of your sensitive
business data is also guaranteed.


The VPS hosting model implies that all essential server resources are allocated between users individually and never get shared. If one or some of neighboring projects face unexpectedly increased needs in terms of bandwidth, RAM, disk space, etc., this will never affect your guaranteed amount of server resources. That's why, VPS hosting is considered to provide much greater reliability than shared hosting accounts. Furthermore, established web hosting providers always leave about 30-40% of server power and resources unallocated to ensure each VPS performs up to its peak level even during busy periods.

With your website hosted on a virtual private server, you can run your online business with absolute confidence and leave in the past all the risks associated with server lagging, slow website loading time or any other related issues.

Greater Control and Flexibility

Unlike any shared hosting solution, even the most advanced one, VPS server hosting allows you to have total control over your web presence. You will be able to manage your entire virtual business environment with ultimate efficiency just through a web-based control panel. In general, the whole system is highly flexible, with the same control level as on dedicated servers. You are free to choose your operating system, make necessary server configurations and install any third-party software and web applications to adjust your VPS to your specific needs and requirements.


And finally, the last but not the least advantage of VPS web servers is their significant cost-efficiency. While delivering almost the same functionality along with similar amount of resources and number of benefits as dedicated servers, VPS accounts come only at the fraction of their price.


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